Popular nollywood actresses from Kwara state and the town they came from (photos) ‎

Madam Saje, also known as Fausat Abeni Balogun, was born in Ifelodun, Kwara state, Nigeria, on February 13, 1959. She is a seasoned producer and actress from Nigeria.

Fausat received her education in Kwara state, where she also grew up in an Islamic environment.

Since 1975, Fausat has worked in the film industry, producing over 80 films, most of which were in the Yoruba language. She became well-known when she played Mama Saje in the Erin Kee Kee television series in 1990. Nkan Okunkun, Adufe, Leyin Akponle, Laba Laba, Itelorun, Omo Elemosho, Iyawo Ojokan, Ife Kobami, Gbogbo Lomo, Asepamo, and Eto Obinrin are a few of the films she has appeared in.

Fausat was her supervisor before they were married and is now married to actor Rafiu Balogun. Her youngest daughter, Bintu, is an actress, while her eldest son, Afeez Adio, is a director. She was once an Alhaja and a Muslim, but in 2016 she converted to Christianity. Now she works as an evangelist.

During the 2016 City People Entertainment Awards, the actress received a Special Recognition Award for her outstanding contributions to the development of the film industry in Nigeria.

2. Mama Ray


Mama Ray, also known as Olajumoke Ray Eyiwunmi, is a seasoned nollywood actress from Kwara State.

Mama Ray is one of the spouses of late Ray Eyiwumi, a pioneer in the Nigerian film business, who passed away on April 15, 1986. Lasun and Muka Ray, two prominent Yoruba actors and producers, are her children.

She has played the lead in a number of Yoruba films, including Esu masemi (2006) and Esu masemi 2. (2006)

3. Biola Adebayo


Adebayo Bashorun, better known by her stage name “Biola Adebayo,” is a celebrated actress, producer, and television host from Nigeria.

The moniker for Biola Adebayo comes from her role in the film “Eyin Oka,” for which she is well-known. Her mother had four children, and her father has seven, so she comes from a polygamous family. She is a native of Kwara State’s Aron Ori Igbomina Area.

She earned undergraduate degrees in history and international relations from the Lagos State University and a master’s degree in public administration from the esteemed University of Lagos.

She became engaged to her London-based partner, Ola, in 2012, but they quickly broke up owing to their insurmountable differences. Although society expects a woman of marriageable age to settle down and have children in due course, she would prefer be single and happy than wind up in an unhappy marriage, she said in one of her interviews about her relationship.

Since she first gained notoriety and began receiving numerous interesting roles, the dark-skinned and stunning actress has been one of the most in-demand Yoruba performers. She has been at the top of her game because she can play any role that is assigned to her. Her portrayal of characters has been truly excellent.

In 2002, Biola Adebayo began acting while attending auditions. Her first role was in the hit Wale Adenuga “Super tale” TV series episode “For The Love of You.” Before branching out into Yoruba films, Biola began performing in English films. In 2003, she made her feature film debut in the Yoruba industry with “Ojabo Kofo.”

She gained notoriety thanks to her intriguing character in the film “Eyin Oka.”

In films like Sikiratu Sindodo, Omo Abore, Ofin Kokanla, Olaide Irawo, Ika Kefa, Mafisere, Ijakumo, and Pami Nku, she has also played the lead role.

4. Toyin Afolayan


Toyin Afolayan, also known as Lola Idije, was born in Agbamu, Kwara State, on September 24, 1959. She is a Nigerian film actress and the aunt of Kunle Afolayan, a Nigerian actor. Her stage name is Lola Idije. In 1995, the well-known Nigerian actress rose to fame. In “Deadly Affair,” Toyin Afolayan played Madam Adisa at the time. She plays the part of Mama Adisa in this film. For almost three decades, Toyin has worked in the motion picture industry.

Her nephew Kunle Afolayan, who also produced the film Irapada in which Toyin appeared, is an actor. In the film, she portrayed Kunle’s mother.

She particularly like the films Lady Terror, Pappy and Mammy, Igba Eda, and Irapada.

Toyin recently turned 61 this year, and her family and friends helped her celebrate. She has three stunning daughters. Her second daughter recently wed on June 16, 2016, while her first daughter is already married and has children. She had studied at a university in Baltimore, United States, before getting married.

Toyin Afolayan’s life hasn’t always been happy; many years ago, she lost her only son. Her husband passed away many years ago as well.

Despite her advanced years, Toyin is a timeless beauty who constantly exudes grace and youth.

Toyin is known for playing harsh characters in Yoruba movies, and many fans have believed that she is definitely a harsh person in real life. She later disputed that, though.

Toyin Afolayan is credited with creating the online slang expressions Pele My Dear and Soro Soke were. The #EndSARS protesters in Nigeria use the word “Soro Soke Were” to urge that the government speak out louder about the overuse of the SARS Police unit in the nation.

5. Moji Afolayan


The sole child of Mr. Afolayan, often known as Adelove, an accomplished and seasoned actor, is Moji Afolayan. Talented actor, screenwriter, author, director, and businesswoman Moji Afolayan hails from Nigeria. Moji Afolayan, an actress, started her acting career when she was very young. She has acted in a number of Nigerian movies, particularly Yoruba ones.

Moji Afolayan wed Rasak Olasunkanmi Olayiwola, a fellow actor better known by his stage name Ojo Pagogo, in the year 2003.

The year 1969 saw the birth of Moji Afolayan. She was born in Lagos and is from the state of Kwara. Moji Afolayan’s brothers include Gabriel, Aremu, and Kunle Afolayan.

Moji is a stunning, naturally beautiful woman. She has numerous domestic and international awards.

Moji Afolayan was raised by an acting-related family. She was raised in Lagos State but is from Agbamu, a town in the Irepodun Local Government region of Kwara State in southwest Nigeria.

Afoloyan first attended Coker Primary School in the Lagos State city of Orile Iganmu in southwest Nigeria, where she later transferred to Esie Iludun Anglican School, where she earned a West Africa School diploma. She later enrolled at the Oyo State College of Education, where she received her teacher training. She received her teacher training at Oyo State College of Education. Her father gave Moji Afolayan instruction in the film industry

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