“I Got To Your House Today But I Saw Your Burial Ground But I Cant Find You”- Actress Olaniyan Tosin In Tears As Her Abusive Partner Sisi Quadri Is Finally Lay To Rest ‎ ‎

Popularly comics actress Olaniyan Tosin shared a  heartbreaking post on his Instagram page where she mourn Sisi Quadri.

Olaniyan Tosin Currently down because her close friend is gone and can never be seen again and nobody to collaborate with.

Tge actress and the late Sisi Quadri are best of friends who always feature together in almost all the movies together.

Boda mi Tolani, your Uber driver is here, I got to your house today but I saw your burial ground, I saw your daddy I couldn’t hold my tears, Tola who do I drive? Who do I buy food for? Who do I call for ginger in my next production? Who do I push to PM to collect my hotel and feeding allowance? Who do i run away with to another hotel? You taught me to always use my brain, I couldn’t believe anything until I got to Iwo, if I had known checking on you in room 121 would be the last time I would have spent enough time with you. I’m not myself boda mi ENIIBI as I used to call you. I love you but God loves you most. Rest well IRAWO

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