“That pain never goes away” Bukunmi Oluwasina speaks on how life snatch things from her ‎

Nollywood actress Bukunmi Oluwasina has spoken on how life snatched precious things and moments from her.

While lamenting the untimely death of Sisi Quadri on Instagram, Bukunmi Oluwasina made a lengthy post recounting the things taken away from her without notice.

The mother of one spoke about how she started seeing life in a different way since some angels came unaware and took her dad away. She disclosed how she stopped celebrating her birthday because of the absence of her dad.

The actress made a plea to the new month to be good for her and her family as the next day would mark her daughter, Ava’s birthday. She also prayed that every mourning soul be comforted.

“I have started seeing life in a different way,
since some angels came unawear, and took my dad away.
I have learnt to accept that everyday brings me closer to my own grave.
Loosing someone dear to you,
that pain is never the same.
It’s not on the list of pains that goes away.
I still don’t party to celebrate my birthday up till date.
Because I’m always sad, every time it’s 7th of May.
I know what you would always say,
You were always the first to call my phone and pray.
Always the first to give me a gift for my birthday.
It’s being years, but nothing feels the same way.
How the f*** would everything be the same again??

Someone had died again yesterday.
And here, we go through this pain again.
That pain never goes away.
Everytime a person dies again, it’s new everyday.

Growing thick skin lately,
Cos of what your death had taught me.
I no longer worry about the day I die,
I only worry, about the loved ones i leave behind.
So every single time, i use it as good as i can.
Take my time to sing my child some lullaby.
Remember to kiss the man I love “Good night.”
Cos of the day, i won’t wake up, no matter how much I try.

Would happily sacrifice the most precious things in the world,
Just to be with and spend time with the people I love.
Create enough memories to help holding on,
Go broke being there for people known and unknown,
Cos none of the things we have is truly our own.

Hey March, please be good to us.
It’s my daughter’s birthday tomorrow, yes of cause.
So, be good to her too.
Let’s all the prays Grand Pa, who would have prayed for her, come true.
Let her live to fulfil all you have created her to.
Every time she needs a friend, God, I want it to be you.
Be the one she would always run to.
Because I tell her, You always come through.

And on this day
Please console every heart that is in dismay.
Even if you can’t take some pains away,
Teach us how to live with them everyday.

May this March be a good month for me and you.
Yes, you, the person reading this.
May it be a great March for me and you.
This I pray today, for ME and YOU.”

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