Top 10 Tribes With The Most Beautiful Girls In Nigeria

To determine if a girl is truly beautiful, look for her uniqueness, beautiful traits, and the fact that she does not try too hard to be in the spotlight, because the spotlight is naturally where she always finds herself. It’s common for beautiful girls to draw everyone’s attention just by walking into a room. However, you will have to discover these things for yourself as this post will point you in the direction of beautiful girls in Nigeria.

1. Fulani/Hausa

Because of their pretty, long, black hair and fine pointy noses, Hausa girls are commonly referred to as Indians of Nigeria by most people. Despite their delicate national beauty and clean skin, it may surprise you to know that they do not place a high value on sophistication or pageants, but they are truly a sight to behold.

2. Igbo

The girls in this tribe are stunning, especially the girls from Imo state. This tribe values the female body greatly, as evidenced by their fair skin and tall stature. Apart from having some of the most beautiful celebrities, this tribe has won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Contest more times than any other tribe in Nigeria.


The girls in this tribe are the epitome of dark and ebony beauty, despite the fact that some of them are fair-skinned. Their curvy and firm physique, combined with their naturally lustrous skin, is not to be overlooked.


Ekpe culture of Cross River state. | Traditional attire, African wedding attire, Nigerian culture

Calabar girls are not only beautiful but “bediful”. The concentration of naturally beautiful girls in C/River pays advantage to The serene and ambient nature of the state

5. Efik

This tribe is well-known in Cross Rivers State. Their girls being on this list comes as no surprise because their pretty light-skinned nature and natural finesse make them stand out wherever you find them.

6. Idoma

The Idoma people live in Benue and are known for their beautiful girls. This is one of the tribes where you will be delighted to see a girl dressed in her traditional attire. Their natural skin shine draws your attention first, followed by their unique facial features and attractive gap-tooth

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