“I’ve Been Quiet For A Lil Period Doesn’t Mean I’m A Fool” Funmi Awelewa Denounces Entertainment Company’s Claims Sisi Quadri’s US Visa As Been Approved Before His Tragic Death ‎

Nollywood actress Funmi Awelewa has strongly criticized an entertainment company for allegedly exploiting the death of her close friend and colleague, Sisi Quadri, in a bid to gain attention.

The company had asserted that Sisi Quadri was awaiting approval for a US visa just before his sudden demise, suggesting that his visa had been approved posthumously. They even announced plans to dedicate an upcoming event to mourn the late actor.

However, Funmi Awelewa refuted these claims on her Instagram page, asserting that Sisi Quadri had not even applied for a US visa before his passing. She condemned the company’s actions as deceitful and disrespectful to the mourning process of Sisi Quadri’s family and friends.

Expressing her frustration, Funmi emphasized that she is committed to maintaining a scandal-free reputation and demanded that the entertainment company stop exploiting Sisi Quadri’s death for attention.

She concluded her statement by affirming her close relationship with the late actor, referring to him as her family, brother, and colleague from Iwo town, and urging the entertainment company to show respect for the deceased.

Funmi’s impassioned message serves as a stern rebuke to the entertainment company’s alleged exploitation of Sisi Quadri’s tragic passing.

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