Meet “Malik Olamide” Actor Sisi Quadri Last Son (Photos) ‎

Actor Sisi Quadri, known for his remarkable performances and charismatic personality, showers his son with heartfelt praise as he celebrates a milestone birthday.

With immense love and pride, Sisi Quadri wishes his son a long life and prosperity.

Sharing photo of his son, he wrote, ” Happy birthday to you my son Malik Olamide Oyebamiji long life and prosperity igba odun odun kan Amin”

The actor’s tribute touched the hearts of his fans and colleagues, who joined in celebrating his son’s special day.

One fan wrote, ” Happy birthday to you darling Malik, you are very handsome, please don’t be like your dad o. Wishing you lots of wisdom and a happy life ”

Another one wrote, ” Your son is very handsome. Hope he’s not going to take after you with mouth running. Happy birthday handsome boy.”

Another one wrote, ” Happy birthday dear , you will always be source of joy to your parents insha Allah Amin

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