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As a lot of celebrities are opting for quiet weddings, some are also opting to keep their family lives, while the other half, is also trying to keep their private lives on social media platforms.

These are 4 happily married yoruba actresses, you’ll never see in public with their husbands

Aisha Lawal is a yoruba actress, she is married and blessed with a baby girl.

She revealed her marital status with an interview with city people, where she also cleared the air on motherhood, and the paternity of her baby.

She also stated that her husband is not in the movie industry, that they dated for a couple of years before getting married.

She doesn’t like talking about her private life, and she said her husband is a Muslim.

Just last year, Aisha baby turned one year old, she has never posted a photo of her baby girl, or her husband on social media.


This actress is unarguable, one of the fastest yoruba actresses in the movie industry.

She had her first child, a baby girl in 2017, and her 2nd child, a baby boy, on Feb 11th, 2019.

There were lots of controversies about her baby daddy, which this actress, came out to debunk.

Bukola Adeeyo has cute children, a boy, and a girl, however since she gave birth to her baby boy, she has not shared his photo on social media, it is only her first child, she shares her photo on social media platform.

She has kept the identity of her baby daddy, and her other child private.


This yoruba actress is also a wife and a mother, she said her husband has been very supportive of her career.

She had her child in the year 2012 and has kept her husband’s identity private.

All she said is that my husband is in America, that he travels and comes back, I can’t mention his name, let us leave it at that.

Till now, she has not shared the photo of her husband on social media platforms or mentioned his name.


Bukunmi’s wedding was one of such that broke the internet.

Just 4 years ago, she got married to the love of her life, whom she has been dating for 11 good years.

This yoruba actress took to her social media platform, to share the good news, and many took to the comment section to congratulate her, on the new journey.

She also went ahead to share how her husband has been encouraging and supporting her in her career, which has earned her awards.

She has not revealed the name of her husband, or his social media handle till this very day.

Bukunmi said she likes to keep her private life, very private

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