How I alm0st Iost my brain 0n set”, Mide Martins recounts near-d€ath experience ‎

Nollywood actress and producer, Mide Martins has recounted a near-death experience she had while on the set of a movie production.

For the actress, getting injuries during filmmaking has become a norm for her as it is one of the pitfalls of movie-making.

The talented actress who had to endure pains to make her movie outstanding believes movie making isn’t about money but about passion and passing across the information.

We, lovers of movies, don’t know the extra miles or efforts they put in behind the scenes to give us the best.

Mide Martins, who recently produced her new movie, Onitemi recounted the pains she had to endure to give her fans the best.

Taking to her Instagram page, the actress revealed how she almost lost her brain while on set.

pull it down cause I want the movie to be re-uploaded”.

She captioned the video with,

“Who are we to question the will of God almighty, everything in life happens for a particular reason!! My latest ONITEMI Part 2 was uploaded this morning and due to some reasons had to be pulled down and re-uploaded which means me losing a lot on the movie but it’s okay what is what doing is what doing well. I say a huge thank you to everyone who has been very supportive on this project. You guys are the best

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