I only wear clothes that make me feel and appear comfortable, I dont like to exposse my body — Biola Adebayo spill ‎

I am from a polygamous family. My father has seven children, while my mother has four children. I had my undergraduate studies at the Lagos State University where I earned a degree in History and International Relations.

I am presently studying for a master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of Lagos.


I started acting in 2002 by attending auditions at the National Theatre and a few other places. In 2003, I auditioned for Wale Adenuga’s Super Story production titled For The Love of You, and that was where I cut my teeth on acting. However, my first movie role was in an English production. Afterwards, I told someone that I didn’t mind featuring in Yoruba movies and here I am today. The first Yoruba movie I featured in was Ojabo Kofo, and it was produced in 2003. Thereafter, I appeared in Sikiratu Sindodo, and others.


Every job has its own challenges and acting is not an exception. Back then, it was quite challenging to get roles, especially for people like me who didn’t even know how to mingle. I am very shy and introverted so, it was a bit difficult getting roles but I thank God for grace and the people who believed in me. Also, people expect too much from thespians because of the way we carry ourselves. I am not saying that actors are not okay; we are doing exceptionally well but the truth is that  people expect us to give more than we get and when you tell them that you don’t have that much, they don’t believe you. From my own understanding, I think a lot of us don’t know how to handle fame and that’s quite sad.


I cannot go to public places all the time. I am a shy person but whenever I visit the market, I encounter people who pull me towards them because they want to say hello.


I am very choosy when it comes to accepting scripts because I am a very strict person. I always look out for good scripts –the storyline must be interesting and the message must be very deep. Once the script is good, then we can now talk about my fees and I’m a very fair person when it comes to that.

Other interests

I used to sell cosmetics and hair accessories but for now, that is on hold because I now pay more attention to my acting career. I also present a television programme known as  The Identicals, and I have to be able to manage my time. For instance, I attend lectures four times a week and I have been able to combine that with going on movie locations. I am also deeply involved in church activities.


When I am not working, I am usually at home listening to music.  Sometimes, I go to church even when nobody is there and I enjoy the quietude the environment offers. If there is a programme there, I’ll just stay in the presence of God because it is a form of relaxation for me. I’m not really the outgoing type and I could also keep busy by reading a book. I also love to cook even though I don’t really like to eat so, I cook for others to eat.


I only wear clothes that make me feel and appear comfortable.  Sometimes, events dictate what I wear, but I still insist on being comfortable. I like to appear nice and simple because I am a very modest person.

Role models

I like different people for different reasons and they cut across all spheres of life. Genevieve Nnaji is a role model for me when it comes to fashion. For those who have made an impact on my work, I have a host of them that I look up to. In terms of spirituality, my pastor; Mrs.Temitope Ogunnoiki, is very dear to me.

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