“I charge more money per movie than most actresses but they ride bigger cars than I do, Am Not Supposed To Say This Secreet But I will Do”– Adeolu Funsho Reveal What Actress Do That Make Them Flaunt Wealth Online (Watch) ‎

Nollywood actor Adeolu Funsho revealed that he charges more than all the female actresses but they drive big car and stay in expensive house than the actors.

He revealed that most of them are full of lies and they engaged in unpleasant activity behind acting and they will come online to brag about there money.

He speaks with confidence that most of the actresses he earn time ten of there earns than them but they are richer than him and his colleagues.

He wrote: “I charge more money per movie than most Nollywood actresses but they ride bigger cars than I do. They can’t say they make all that money from acting movies to fund their lifestyle” -Actor Funsho Adeolu

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Taiwo_harmony Wrote: Actually ladies have grace naturally, they can have guys who never gets under them and still paying their bills that’s for real. Guys will always want to do big boy to them now, and most has businesses they hawk on this Instagram day and night, but the acting actually pave lots of ways for them, even the bad ones.

Foraoflagos wrote: We’re tired of this useless narrative. These women have businesses, have brand sponsorship etc

O_maggie wrote: Ladies naturally attract Grace…but you see Female actors in that Yoruba industry .

Shabril2503 wrote: Men being jealous of women’s success is 5&6. Nothing new here.

Simply_avo wrote: But these women have businesses. Unlike most of their male colleagues.

Official_yemirayz Wrote: He’s too far rooted in the game for you lame spectators to argue against what he said. I mean, it’s just common sense. All these fake internet geniuses that have too much false information are funny.

Owolabieunice wrote: If they can said all these about themselves, How can outsiders take them seriously . Money is not a Blessing. Grace is different thing from them all.

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