No need for DNA test, the kids are for my husband – Woman says after being caught cheating (video) ‎ ‎

A trending video shows the moment a married woman insists that her children are the biological kids of her husband after she was caught cheating with a married man.

It was learned that the cheating woman usually brings her married lover home whenever her husband was out for them to have a goodtime together.

However, she ran out of luck as she was caught by her husband while they were in their matrimonial bed together.

In response to a request for intervention, village council members questioned the paternity of their children.

In order to determine whether they truly belong to their son, the unfaithful woman’s husband, they requested that a DNA test be done on each of them right away. However, when given the opportunity to speak, the wife asserted that her husband was the biological father of each and every kid.

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