“Virgin Maria, the first virgin in Nigeria” Fans hail Regina Daniels as she shares new photo with husband, Ned Nwoko following his interview ‎

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has been thrown into the spotlight following her husband, Ned Nwoko’s latest interview where he talked about their marriage.

Kemi Filani reported on Friday that Ned Nwoko had stirred the internet after he made it known that he can’t marry a woman who isn’t a virgin. He noted how people always have an idea of the woman he should marry, but he doesn’t listen to it.

According to him, he has a taste as he reaffirmed that he can’t marry a non-virgin. He further added that one must be a man of vision to know to be able to sight a good woman.

Following his interview, Regina took to her Instagram page to share new photos with her man with the caption, “Twinkle Twinkle”.

As expected, netizens flooded her comment section singing her praises for marrying as a virgin.

One Sweezy1 wrote, “My virgin

One Big Creamyy wrote, “Virgin Maria

One Sugar Destiny Official wrote, “The only virgin girl that made the right choice for herself

One Ice Queen wrote, “Beauty and beast

One Jobella wrote, “I knew from the day one that my Gina is a virgin and she’s so humble. I remember seeing her at the airport in our teenage days, she’s still that baby girl who said they snap if u want.

One Herzihalevi wrote, “First virgin in Nigeria

Meanwhile, one Daniel Lisa wrote, “She was not a virgin y’all. Stop playing and listen to the man again

One Zee Bliss wrote, “The virgin wife and the husband

One Glorious Official wrote, “She was a virgin chosen by the gods. The gods are wise

One Sugar Destiny Official wrote, ‘Papa Razu with his virgin wife”.

Recall that Regina Daniels shocked the internet when she got married in April 2019, to politician, Ned Nwoko, who is older than her with 38 years.

Shedding light on her marriage, Regina said she is the stubborn type, hence the reason why she married an older man so she could be submissive. According to her, she is always respectful to her husband and he keeps her calm. Speaking on public opinion about her marriage, she said was never bothered about what people would say, but note about how her family would reach to it.

Her husband, on his part, debunked rumors that he met Regina through her mother as he revealed that they fell in love and got married within three weeks.

The movie star while replying to those who mocked her for marrying her husband, Regina Daniels asked them to ‘Shut the f**k up.”

In another interview, Daniels revealed that her marriage is way sweeter at home than in public. She also disclosed that she often reads negative comments with her husband and they share a good laugh.

The young actress also addressed those still questioning her decision to marry her billionaire husband, Ned Nwoko by sharing a clip, which she clearly stated was directed at her critics.

Recently, Regina who now wants to be referred to with her husband’s name, had revealed a hilarious conversation she had with him.

The movie star disclosed that her husband had inquired if she would have married him if he was a mechanic, and at first, she was left stunned by his question. According to her, that is the most questions he sees about their union, hence why he asked her that.

However, she gave him a hilarious response, questioning where they would have met, wondering if it would be at his mechanic shop.

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