“This is wickedness, you got engaged a month after we had issues”- Check out Alleged Chat Between Lamba and Queen Mercy



In the conversation, Lamba accused her of seeing another man while they were dating.

The conversation also showed that Mercy’s husband, David, had been caring for their little daughter.

During the conversation, Lamba challenged Mercy about her connection with her fiance, suggesting that she had been seeing him while they were dating.

He stated that Queen had gotten engaged after they had a disagreement, and that she had previously told him that her fiancé, David, was only an acquaintance from the United Kingdom.

The conversation reads:

“Queen I’m not taking this anymore firstly, I need too see my child this week. common this is wickedness. You blocked me everywhere. have always wanted. I have always wanted to be with my daughter, now you a giving me conditions While you have always been with another man, even when we were still dating, but you busy monitoring me. Queen you got engaged a month after we had issues ? That means I have been dating my self all along. you were just waiting for right time to strike, your fiancé even got a bicycle for my daughter. I asked you Said he is your UK friend. uk friend you have been sleeping with, Queen I need to see my daughter this new week and you need to grant me access. I cant deal with your manipulations any longer. you are mean and wicked. how can you do this to someme you claimed to love ? You were commenting on your fiancé’s page. my king my that, but you were bust looking for who is commenting on my page, rm really scared of you right now. like I dodged a major Bullet. You that was always about posting…”

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