“My first ever betrayal came from my mother; she left when I was 2” – Bimbo Ademoye reveals ‎

Nollywood actress, Bimbo Ademoye has opened up about her relationship with her mother, stating that she experienced her first betrayal from her.

The actress made the revelation during an interview Mamedia Entertainment. She shared that although they don’t have a mother-daughter bond, her mother is still very much alive and resides not too far from her.

Bimbo Ademoye
Bimbo Ademoye

According to Bimbo, her mother left when she was two years old, which is how she experienced her first ever betrayal.

She claimed that she made an effort to get along with her mother and that she makes sure to fulfill all of her childhood responsibilities, such as paying the rent and other obligations.

For the sake of her sanity and mental health, Bimbo Ademoye is content with her “no friendship” connection with her mother.

She further described her mother as a beautiful, very dark-skinned and robust woman.

Check out some netizens reactions below:

oriadeDplug said: “You see people being happy and all. You don’t really know what they’ve been through mentally, a lot of people don’t look like what they’ve been through cause they don’t let their past dictate their future.”

Your Favorite stated: “That doesn’t mean she’s not your mum”

ITA noted: “They might have lied to her.”


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