“You are thinking like a duck” Dayo Amusa blasts Femi Adebayo and wife, reveals he was called in for questioning by the police (Video) ‎

Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa took to her Instagram Live to shed light on her ongoing beef with colleague, Femi Adebayo and his wife.

The movie star revealed that Femi Adebayo told her he had been invited for questioning by the police for promoting LGBTQ and the Muslim community are on his neck.

She expressed disappointment at her colleague for thinking she was jealous of his success as she described such thoughts as shallow. She went on to slam him for thinking like a duck as she made it known that she was never saddened by anyone’s success. Calling him an ode, she stated that she once thought his IQ was High.

She also slammed his wife for calling her a hypocrite and an enemy in disguise. Dayo stated that though Aladuke has the right to defend her husband, she can’t be insulting her in the process.

“So initially, I said I wasn’t going to say anything, but at this juncture, I will talk. Let me start from the genesis of this crisis, I am not going back on my words, that Bobrisky didn’t deserve to win the Best Dressed. I know that behind every action, there is a reaction and I don’t have power over anyone’s reaction.

Aladuke, the wife of Femi Adebayo, me and you don’t have issue until now and I said I respected the way you defended your husband but the way you addressed it, calling me names made me feel you’re shallow-minded. And I want to believe your husband didn’t call your attention to our conversation. He called me this morning and said he thought my post was just a cruise but people were taking things to the extreme and I made him know that we don’t have control over people’s reactions.

He said Muslim communities are calling his attention to it and that police have invited him for questioning that he was promoting gay…….”.

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reported that Dayo Amusa had fallen out with Femi Adebayo after she heavily criticized him for announcing Bobrisky as the winner.

Dayo, via her Instagram page, expressed her displeasure at the disrespect melted on the female gender present at the premiere. The actress called the judges and the organizers bluff stating they were wrong and not ok to have named a crossdresser the best dressed female.

Reacting to it via her Instagram page, Femi Adebayo’s wife, Aduke blasted Dayo for trying to bring her husband down, as she questioned how the person who presented an award be blamed for it. She slammed his colleagues disguising as friends for publicly calling him out at every opportunity rather than putting a call through to him.

Taking to her comment section, Dayo Amusa stated that it ws okay for Aduke to defend her husband, however, throwing bantas only shows how shallow-minded she is. She stated that the actor had to own up, take responsibility for his actions, and do the needful. Dayo made it known that she isn’t an enemy in disguise as he added that hypocrisy doesn’t exist in her.

Aduke fired back questioning what damage Dayo was capable of doing. She called the actress a hypocrite and evil-minded, as she noted how Dayo had apologized to Femi on the phone and had promised to do a video to retract her statement.

Speaking out, Femi Adebayo stated that he now sees that the movie star was coming at him and was envious of his success. Telling her she wouldn’t have rest of mind, he advised her to channel the energy on her career and should stop trying to bring him down

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