“She was born in 1949, I always suspected my wife was older than me” – Bovi shares how wife deceived him into marriage (Watch) ‎

Bovi Ugboma, a popular comedian, leaked his wife’s ID card as he humorously revealed how she deceived him into marriage.

The comedian joked about the accusation on his Instagram page.

He posted a snapshot of her driver’s licence, which was dated 1949.

He teasingly claimed that for her to have such it would mean that she’s quite old.

Bovi stated that he had always suspected she was older than him and now believes she duped him into marriage.

“Always suspected she was older than me! Deceived me into marriage,” he wrote.

Reacting to the post;

@shaprapra123 said: “U wey look like her papa”

@jedi_baby_ said: “I love these two Bovi is an actual comedian Lmaoo”

@ewi_sidonie_laure said: “Assay eeeeh are they not birth certificates in Nigeria whooscch”

@goldie_pearl said: “Sense of humour”

@wuraolaaishat said: “You Sha no go anywhere I no wan hear pa”

@kudostim said: “It’s mistake from I’d maker”

@fitmak_official said: “Werey Dey find excuse to take go back to the streets”

@juliblinks said: “You are going nowhere, you don marry be say you don marry, nothing dey d street, abeg remain where you are, e be like the street dey call your name”

@coolcatasmr said: “And what’s wrong with dad..all the generation men with licking mouths”

See his post below;

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