“Portable dey smeelll, him no Dey batth”-Video trends as lady covers her nose as she meets singer Portable (Video) ‎

A video of popular Nigerian singer Portable and a lady is making the rounds on social media and by extension sparked several reactions online.

The clip captured Portable, the “Zazoo Zeh” in a shirtless manner when a light-skinned lady links up with him.

Just like other ladies, the middle-aged girl was superexcited upon meeting Portable, however things didn’t go well as she expected.

Upon trying to hug Portable while they were having conversation together in an upright manner, the lady resulted into covering her nose.

She tried to maintain her stand with Portable until the singer manages to hug her again but this time, she covers her nose tightly and stylishly moved away from the singer as a way to save her life

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