“Broke guy may turn billionaire tomorrow” – Lady warns other women to remain and grow with their “broke” boyfriend (Watch) ‎ ‎

The lady who is on Tiktok as, @kadunafirstdaughter1, has gone viral after she shared the video.

According to her, her boyfriend was not doing very well financially at the start of their relationship.

However because of the love she had for him, she stuck by him until he became financially buoyant.

Now his fortune has changed and they’re both home owners.

The video has sparked online discussion with many supporting her advice while others condemned it.

See some reactions below

@꧁❧Ìسعادت☙꧂ stated: “This advice is not for everyone imagine staying with your broke boyfriend at 30+”

@Sweetness 🍓 asked: “How you won take know say the boy go make am 😞”

@nneoma1281 advised: “stay build with him but no forget to build yourself too ✌❤”

@D💕✨ claimed: “I stay I build 🙂werey leave me after we don build finish”

@ꨄK:)💕 wrote: “I like as you exclude the part wey una do ritual”

@The gurl 👧with the all back stated: “I will only stay and build with the one that have more than me and that has a future”

@ELFROSH🥷🏾🍃 added: “It doesn’t apply to everyone, it’s just luck”

Watch video below

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