I Should Have Stayed With Pasuma Because I Love Him — Actress Ronke Odusanya Reveals Reason She Didn’t Marry Pasuma ‎

Ronke Odusanya, popularly known as Flakky Ididowo is a popular actress known by many names, all thanks to the roles she has played in certain movies over the years, which etched her out. Besides being an actress with many aliases, her physique is definitely something to turn the heads of many.She recently speaks on her past relationships with Fuji Musician Pasuma and state the reason for not marry the Fuji Icon. She wrote below;“Not all relationships lead to marriage and such was my relationship with Pasuma. Even though we are no longer dating, we are still good friends. The fact that we are both celebrities may have been responsible for our inability to get married. A lot of times, celebrity marriages don’t work out because both parties are in the limelight. This breeds a lot of distrust and problems in the marriage

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