“Fault of parents” – Reactions as siblings fall in love and get married to each other, expecting a baby ‎

A video showing a true life story of siblings getting married to each other in the 21st century has surfaced online and it has got many people talking.

The story disclosed that a brother 17identified as Brian has married his younger sister known as Brinna.

The clip making the rounds online captured the siblings engaging in a cozy and romantic moment together and by extension many concluded that the fault belongs to their poor family foundations.

The video was a combination of emotion and true love for the two siblings as they assert that they can never leave each other.

The emotional part shows the moment the brother was crying as they are expecting a baby.

The pregnant younger sister said; “We can’t leave each other, it is not our fault baby, understand that.”

The brother responded; “We are siblings.”

Another video shows the moment the brother was cherishing his younger sister stating that he can never leaver as he truly loves her.

In his words; “We love each other so much, and I’m not going to leave her for anything.”

In the clip, the brother and his sister was seen together in the room caring for each other and that was just the beginning.

The two of them work hand in hand on the street without feeling ashamed or anything as a way to show the utmost love between them.

The sister who got married to her brother says she didn’t see him as her brother rather she sees him as her husband

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