Billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji raises eyebrows as she set to give out expensive bags worth N3M each, list conditions to win

Billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji has raised eyebrows as she set to give out expensive bags worth N3M each to people.

The blogger announces the giveaway today, May 10th via her verified Instagram page and by extension list out the conditions to win it.

Yesterday, May 9th 2024, Linda Ikeji said since she started buying bags worth $20k (N28M) and that of $30k ($42M), it feels hard for her to start carrying bags she bought back then around $3k (N4.2M) and $4k (N7.1M).

Linda Ikeji added that in the last couple of years, she has given out over 70 bags stating that at some point in her life, she had 152 designer bags.

She wrote; Hi ladies. So I’d like to give out these two lovely designer bags to two lucky winners.

My taste in bags has changed 😂😂.. and so I’ve been giving out many of my old bags and bags I don’t carry often.

I’ve given out so many bags in the last couple of years, you wouldn’t believe how many. Like 70 bags 😅😅. How can, you ask? Lol. At some point in my life I had 152 designer bags, (what can I say, I’m bag obsessed 🤣🤣😍), but the more I buy these Hermes Birkins and Kellys, the more I lose interest in my old bags..😭 When you have quite a number of $20k, $30k bags, it’s hard to carry $3k, $4k bags..😆.

I mean, I can still carry them, but what’s the point in holding on to bags you carry only once in 2 or 3 years when you can give it to someone who will carry it very often and truly appreciate them. And I’d rather give them away than sell 🥰🥰. It occurred to me recently to also give some bags away on my IG page.

So yeah, I’m going to be giving out some designer bags on this page in the coming weeks and months, and I will start with these two today.

A Fendi First brown bag in size small. I bought it in 2022 from for $2,672. (Plus $300 custom duty). I’ve only carried it once in 2

The 2nd is the Bottega Veneta BV Chain pouch bag in green. I bought it from farfetch for $3,214 in 2020 (plus $500+ custom duty), and I’ve also only carried it once in four years. I mean, what’s the point in keeping them, right? 😊

Unfortunately, these bags aren’t for all age groups 🤣. To qualify, you have to be in your 40s. (repping for my age group) 😅😅

I’ll do another post tomorrow to tell you how you can win the bags. I haven’t figured it out yet! lol. (Suggestions welcomed) Kisses 💋.

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